Help Son of David Congregation Build Our Center of Worship!

After 28 Years of wandering in Silver Spring and Rockville Maryland, Son of David Congregation has felt the call from the Lord to put down permanent roots by building our own building and establishing the first permanent Messianic Congregational presence in the Washington DC area.

With over 300,000 Jews and less than 5 Messianic congregation the Washington DC area desperately needs the support and prayer from all believers. Help us to build a house of Prayer for all nations and people.

The Story So Far

  • Son of David Congregation has been sharing the good News of Messiah for 28 years in the Washington, DC area.
  • The Lord has allowed us to purchase prime property (loan free) in Montgomery County.
  • After two and a half years, the plat has now been recorded with the county.
  • All plans for site, landscape and building are ready to go and we currently have $250,000 towards a down payment.
  • Our total building cost, move in, is $2,250,000. In addition to the $250,000 that we already have, we need another $1,000,000 in order to secure a mortgage that we can afford.
  • A permanent Messianic Synagogue (we have moved 6 times over the past 28 years) would allow the stability we need to go to the next season of effective ministry.
  • We would have a place of worship and ministry center that is available 7 days a week and is culturally sensitive to the unreached Jewish population of Metro Washington, DC.

Support Our Fund Raising Efforts

Listen To The Messages For the Campaign

Did you miss one of the weeks while Dennis was speaking on our building fund? See all the messages here, organized and ready for you to work through!