Dennis Karp

Dennis Karp grew up in the Washington, DC area in a traditional Jewish family. He and his family attended services each Sabbath and on all of the Jewish holydays. Even from a young age, an emptiness in Dennis’ spirit led him to search for the meaning of life. College brought more searching during the late 60’s and early 70’s but no answers. A successful business career provided material needs but, again, no answers.

Dennis was invited to attend a Messiah in the Passover demonstration given by Chosen People Ministries at a local church, which he attended with his family. That day marked the beginning of his new life in Messiah. Five months later, he gave his life to the Messiah. One year after that, he came on staff with Chosen People Ministries. Dennis has been a Branch, Regional and National Director for the ministry and has held the office of Vice President. He has been blessed to be used of God to plant a congregation in Northern Virginia which he pastored until June 2007. It was then that God called him to Israel. Dennis and his family resided in Jerusalem, Israel for 4 years, where he served as Assistant Director of Beit Sar Shalom (Chosen People Ministries work in Israel). He taught biblical seminars, discipled believers, led a home fellowship and pastored the staff of some 25, including spouses. Dennis was also involved in the humanitarian work efforts of CPM with Holocaust survivors and children of over-worked parents.

Dennis and his family have now returned to the States, and leads SODC, the congregation where he came to faith.

Dennis also welcomes the opportunity to speak at your congregation. His unique perspective on the scriptures and his years in ministry will bless and encourage you.


Son of David Congregation is an Elder led congregation based on the principles found in the New Covenant Scriptures and supported by the Hebrew Scriptures.


The Deacons assist with the everyday life of the congregation and allow the Elders to maintain focus on the spiritual health of the community.